Interview with film director Takayuki Sato on SYNODOS

SYNODOS, an e-magazine that disseminates discourse backed by specialized knowledge, has published an interview with Sato, director of the film Rhapsody of Colors, which opened in theaters nationwide from Polepole Higashi Nakano on May 29.

After watching (and listening to) the film, I was overwhelmed by the world that director Sato had created, and after the screening, we talked for a bit, and we hit it off so well that we decided to have a more in-depth discussion, and I was honored to receive the offer.

The theme is “How to perceive disability and health”. It’s not a story that has a right answer, so there’s a lot of subjectivity in it, but I’m honestly sharing what I’ve felt in my daily activities and what the film has made me think about.

Director Sato is not only a film director, but also a part of the film, and he feels, thinks, and expresses many things on the stage of Colors. I share many of his thoughts and feelings, and it was a very enlightening conversation for me.

The dialogue went overtime as planned. The conversation went over time as planned(?). We had a lot of heated conversations that we couldn’t talk about, and we also had a lot of deep discussions. I hope you will read it.

Thank you very much to Director Sato, Ms. Ishikawa (the lead actress) for inviting me to the preview, and Ms. Okubo for the wonderful article. I am grateful for the wonderful encounter.


Rhapsody of Colors” – A look at disability and normalcy – Director Takayuki Sato and Uchu Tomita