Asahi Shimbun newspaper “Para swimming, each belief Keiichi Kimura and Universe Tomita” was published.

On 11 April, an interview was published in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper about his thoughts on the Paris Paralympics and his mentality in facing the competition.

Some of the information can be found on the official page. When I didn’t have a disability, I was very upwardly mobile and was obsessed with such cognitive thinking as ‘results are everything’ and ‘the harder you work, the better you are’. However, when I had a disability and was forced to think about more fundamental human growth, I realised that such old ways of thinking made it difficult to achieve long-term, continuous growth, because I was obsessed with comparisons and results. Now, after various encounters and experiences, I believe that facing each person’s potential, each person’s path, is the mindset required to bring out the true potential of every person. And my training days in Spain were an experience that made me realise this even more.

Thank you for taking up so much space in the paper to publish your thoughts.