Uchu Tomita’s cheering song “Utatauta – Ayanoize feat. Kubocchi” released on June 6

Ayanoize, a next generation folk song singer/songwriter, and Kubocchi, a guitarist from the sun. Two artists who love Okinawa collaborated with us to support the Uchu Tomita.

The three of us met at the Okinawa community of the voice social networking service, CLUBHOUSE, “Room for Uchinanchu and Okinawa Lovers around the World. The club is open 24 hours a day, and the Okinawa lover, Uchu Tomita, spends all hours of the day talking with people from Okinawa all over the world. The people in the club are like a family, and the passionate support they give me during games gives me energy.

This time, two of the artists from our group produced a surprise cheering song for us. The title of the song, “Utata Uta,” is derived from the words “Tomita Uchu,” “Udada Udada,” and “Utata Uta. The word “utata” means “to progress and become more and more advanced,” with the message that we should go beyond and advance. The song will be available on Apple Music and other music distribution apps on June 6.

Utatauta- Ayanoize feat. Special thanks to Okinawans of the world.