June 6: Participated in the Japan National Championships for the Mentally Handicapped Swimming Competition

Thank you for your support.
We participated in the Japan National Championships for athletes with intellectual disabilities, which served as a pep rally for the Japanese representatives to the Tokyo Paralympics.

100m Butterfly 1:03.71 2nd
4*100m49ptMix Free Relay Exhibition Disqualified due to handover violation

During the competition, I was awarded a certificate of participation in the Tokyo Paralympics, and I was officially appointed as an athlete with an unofficial participation offer. It was a sobering experience for me.
First of all, in the butterfly event, I had contact with the course rope when I was floating up from the start, so I was not able to set the record I wanted. However, I was able to discover my next challenge based on the data of my swim, and it was a race that will lead me to the next step.

As for the relay, it seems that there was a mistake in the handover during the race. I plan to be the first swimmer in the race, but I will improve my teamwork and prepare a system that will allow me to demonstrate my abilities without mistakes.
There is not much time left before the Paralympic Games, but I would like to work hard at each practice.

Next, I will participate in the Para World Series in Germany. It will be my first international competition in about two years, and I hope to regain my racing skills and improve for the Paralympics.
I would like to ask for your continued support.