“I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm in a special episode of “Sou Takei’s Serious Competition in Para Sports.

In “So Takei’s Serious Competition in Para Sports,” So Takei takes on the challenge of para-sports. The athletes who have been in heated battles with So Takei are now ready to compete in the Tokyo Paralympics. The program introduces the enthusiasm of the Japanese representatives, the key points of the games, and the highlights of the games. In addition, in the studio, we will experience the real thrill of the various events unique to the Paralympics. This is a great way to enjoy the Tokyo Paralympics right before the opening ceremony!

“So Takei’s Serious Competition in Para Sport: Special Just Before the Start of the Season”

  • August 22(Sun) 19:00-19:50,20:00-20:49
  • Aug. 23(Mon) 9:00~9:50,10:00~10:49 *The program will be divided into the first and second half after the news.