Here are the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games events and their broadcast schedules!

The Tokyo Paralympics swimming competition will be held at the Tokyo Aquatics Center from August 25 to September 3.
Please support the Japanese Para-swimming team “Tobiuo Para Japan”!

Uchu Tomita at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Tomita will compete in the following events.
He will try to improve his personal best and win medals in all events.
Please send me your power through the screen!

  • 8/26 (Thu) 9:46am – (tentative) Men’s 400m Freestyle S11 Preliminary 【NHK General Sub】 (tentative)
  • 8/26(Thu) 6:01pm(tentative) Men’s 400m Freestyle S11 Final 【NHK General Sub】 (JST)
  • 8/30 (Mon) 10:06 AM (tentative) Men’s 200m Individual Medley SM11 Qualifying【NHK General】
  • 8/30(Mon) 6:53pm(tentative) Men’s 200m Individual Medley SM11 Final【NHK E TV】
  • 8/31(Tue) 7:37pm(tentative) Mixed 4x100m 49 Points Free Relay Final【NHK E TV】
  • 9/3 (Fri) 11:02 AM (tentative) Men’s 100m Butterfly S11 Preliminary Round【NHK BS1】
  • 9/3(Fri) 7:43pm(tentative) Men’s 100m Butterfly S11 Final【NHK E TV】

The schedule is subject to change without notice.

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