NHK’s documentary “Para x Doc: What I Saw After Swimming in the Dark: Swimming Race by Uchu Tomita” will be broadcasted!

Tomita has been insisting on this for a long time. I want to bring some positive energy to the world through my own challenges. In order to do so, I want people to know not only about my competitions, but also about my life and my journey to the Tokyo Paralympics. I hope that this will lead to an understanding of the value of diversity and the importance of a symbiotic society.

The road was long and full of hardships and struggles. It took me seven years from the despair of discovering my disability to discovering Para swimming. After that, I had to deal with the competition environment, securing human resources, incidents, accidents, and so on. I was faced with many unimaginable obstacles. In the midst of all this, I have continued to face the Paralympics and search for the meaning of my own swimming.

Some parts are interesting, some parts are not. The gap between our original values and the present time, the loss of identity…. What is the nature of a disabled person? What is it to be an athlete? What does it mean to “accept diversity”? What is the significance of comparing and competing while acknowledging each other?

I arrived at the Tokyo Paralympics while lost. The meaning of the tears she showed there, and the true meaning of her words. And the true meaning of the tears and words he showed there. And the true image of “self” and the Paralympics he found.

Tomita’s Tokyo Paralympics documentary, the full version. Please take a look!

“Para x Doc: What I Saw After Swimming in the Dark: Swimming Race by Uchu Tomita”

  • September 18 (Sat) 17:00- BS1
  • September 19 (Sun) 16:20~ E tele
  • September 21 (Tue) 01:34~ SOGO *Monday midnight